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The concept is simple...

Jay Garstecki & Bruce Mirabella have teamed up to bring you...
Local Fishing Guy TV!

We’ve all watched big name fishing shows where they consistently catch fish and make it look really easy. Very seldom do these shows share with you all of the CRITICAL INFORMATION. When we get to our local lakes and try the same techniques, it doesn’t always seem to work out quite the same! There are MANY CRITICAL FACTORS that play into this outcome (Example – Time of year, air temperature, water temperature, style of bait and why it’s being used, lure presentation and retrieval speeds, lake location and MANY OTHERS!)
This is why I’ve started “Local Fishing Guy”. I want to provide a television program that shows “actual fishing information” on “actual lakes that you and I fish”.
It’s pretty simple, you tell me what local lakes (Local ponds not included!) you would like to fish, what species of fish your going after, and I will hire a guide on that lake to show us how to fish it effectively. Each ½ hour show will feature a local fishing guide for that lake along with all the CRITICAL information needed to re-produce the fishing results for that day. I’ll also try to have each guide expand on the CRITICAL CONCEPTS for that lake throughout the year. Of course, each guide will be featured on this website if you would like to contact them directly for your own day of fishing!